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FAQ & General Info


What's your turnaround/shipping time?

I ship almost all orders within 5 business days (i.e. a week from the date the order is placed).  Usually this means that except during times when I have a high volume of orders, I make one trip to the post office per week.  I've chosen to take all my packages in person so that I can make sure they're all getting scanned in and your tracking info is updated rather than sitting in limbo for several days while USPS actually has it but hasn't scanned it yet.  If there's an issue with your order that will cause the shipping time to be delayed, I'll contact you as soon as I notice to discuss shipping options or a refund if you were in a hurry to get the item for a special occasion.


Do you ship internationally?

At this time, I only ship to the contiguous 48 States.  I know many other brands have found ways to circumvent or avoid the rules banning shipment of nail polish internationally and to Hawaii/Alaska, but I'm just not comfortable officially breaking the rules, and I haven't found exact details that sound like I'm explicitly permitted to ship small quantities to other counties.  I hope that sometime in the near future I can find more details that will allow me to legally ship to more places.


Where did the option to buy minis go?

I’ve loved offering the chance to try out a variety of polishes with the minis, but as my shop has grown, it’s getting difficult to manage all of the inventory of most shades in two sizes rather than just one.  With the change to offering just full size polishes, I'm able to streamline my inventory and order filling process to allow your orders to be shipped out to you more quickly, plus keep costs down.


Why isn’t [polish] available as a mini?

I love my customers’ enthusiasm for the minis as a way to try out lots of new colors, and I’m excited to be able to provide them!  However, even with my newer style mini bottles with improved brushes, there are some polishes with big glitters or otherwise tricky formulas that I feel would be disappointing to use in a small bottle.  For that reason, those polishes are only available in full sizes.  I also stop making minis when a color is discontinued/put on clearance.  There may be full sizes of a polish left in stock but no more minis available.


Will [polish] be back in stock soon?

With the exception of the polishes in the "Last Chance" section of the shop, nearly all my polishes will be restocked regularly unless I'm out of a discontinued ingredient.  I try to make new batches and restock when I see my inventory is getting low — before I completely run out — but if I miss a shade, feel free to send a message and inquire about it.  Most likely I just didn't realize I was almost out, and I can make a new batch in a couple days to fill an order! 


How are your polishes made?

I hand-mix them myself in small batches (10-25 bottles at a time).  I make every effort to be as consistent and precise as possible in my formulation measurements, however due to the non-industrial process there can be minor variations between batches of the same color.  Thanks for your understanding that this is a part of the character of the handmade items you get by purchasing from an indie creator like me.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Since used nail polish isn’t an item that can be resold, I don’t accept returns, but if you have a problem with your order, please reach out so I can make it right!  Whether that’s a replacement bottle that was faulty, or a refund of a defective item, your satisfaction with your order is my top priority!


Why is there plastic in my order packaging?  I thought you used eco-friendly padding?

Starting around 6 months after I launched Dizzy Lizzy, I only purchased padding material made of recycled and recyclable paper.  However, at that time I already had some bubble wrap products on hand that I’ve continued to use up when sending out orders.  In addition to that, I (and others in my household) get bubble wrap packaging in other things we order.  If it’s in good condition, I’ll save the bubble wrap to reuse when shipping out orders, getting a bit more life out of it before it has to be thrown out.  My reason for using plastic bubble mailer envelopes is similar — I’d already ordered several hundred of them when I made the switch to buying more eco-friendly padding, and haven’t switched to a different type yet as I’m still using up the initial supplies that were purchased.