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Pinnacle Polish was born as Dizzy Lizzy Lacquer during the 2020 pandemic, when I — an avid climber and hiker — found myself holed up at home for several months, with most of my usual pursuits temporarily off-limits.  The time at home in spring 2020 rekindled my love of nail art and nail polish, and that summer I decided to take the plunge into indie polish making.  My 10 years of mixing “frankenpolish” for personal use had given me plenty of experience with techniques and common pitfalls of polish making, so I had a head start when formulating my products for the initial launch.  I started selling polish in November 2020 on Etsy before eventually moving to this site in August 2021.  If you'd like to check out the Etsy shop to see more reviews and customer photos, you can find it here.

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A brief look around my shop will probably clue you into the fact that I’m someone who loves color (and sparkle)!  It should come as no surprise, then, that my brand was initiated out of inspiration from a fantasy world in which a character says “Color is like flavor — it is part of the soul of a thing.” (Rhythm of War, ch. 42, by Brandon Sanderson)  The concept that pushed me to want to share my creations with the world (or at least the 48 contiguous US states) was the “Shards” on Roshar in the Stormlight Archive series.  While reading the books, I had an impression of Honor, Cultivation, and Odium as sparkling, magical essences with thematic colors.  Despite the vast variety of indie polish available, I feel like there are always unique things to be created — specifically green polishes and glitters.  Green has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember, and true, bright green polishes are relatively hard to come by.  Likewise, while glitter polish certainly isn’t a new concept, I love creating unique and complex combinations that can be used for a whole variety of looks from dainty toppers to bold gradients.

Life ended up not going as planned for me career-wise, but I have an undergraduate biology degree, and environmentalism and sustainability are very important factors.  While I started out using what I saw as the indie brand “standard” of bubble wrap and lots of plastic packaging, I’ve since decided that I want to go above and beyond.  I’ve been transitioning to more minimal, eco-friendly products to use for packaging.  Now the only plastic in my packaging is the outer envelope (for water resistance), and sometimes some reused or already-purchased bubble wrap (no sense in not using up what I’d already bought).  The padding for individual boxes is all made from recycled and curbside recyclable paper products — including any labels on the boxes!

A funny side note to my brand story is that “Dizzy Lizzy Lacquer” was actually conceived 5 years prior to the store launch.  In Fall 2015, I bought a whole bunch of bottles, clear base, glitter, and other supplies, then literally a week later I got a membership at a climbing gym and thought that my nail polish days were behind me.  The reason my Etsy shop was called “DizzyLizzyStudio” is that I’d registered the “DizzyLizzyLacquer” shop name 5 years ago and then forgot all the details I needed to recover it.